Step Into Art

Step into Art @ DePaul Art Museum


The exterior is an innovative and engaging collaborative project for the DePaul Art Museum, designed to attract more visitors by transforming the museum’s exterior. Through the creative efforts of the students, the project enhanced the museum’s appeal and accessibility by incorporating interactive steps on the sidewalk, captivating optical illusions on the windows, and displaying an eye-catching sign announcing the museum’s free admission and welcoming atmosphere.

Step Into art

Project Scope

This project team aimed to achieve a series of objectives that enhanced the visitor experience at the DePaul Art Museum. One of the primary goals was to increase foot traffic and visitor engagement, drawing more people into the museum by capturing their attention through an enticing and interactive exterior. By showcasing the students’ artistic talents and innovative ideas, this project demonstrated the creativity and diversity present within the local community.

Additionally, the project sought to strengthen the connection between the museum and the community, fostering a sense of belonging and shared ownership. Ultimately, the “Step into Art” project was designed to promote art appreciation and accessibility to a wider audience, ensuring that the DePaul Art Museum remained an inclusive and welcoming space for all who wished to explore and engage with its exhibits.

Project Explorations

Interactive Sidewalk Steps

The students designed and painted a series of vibrant, interactive steps on the sidewalk leading to the museum entrance. These steps incorporated various art styles, themes, and motifs that represented the museum’s diverse collection. The colorful steps not only created a visually appealing pathway but also encouraged visitors to interact with the artwork and take photographs, thus promoting the museum on social media.

Optical Illusions on Windows

The students created a series of optical illusion artworks for the museum’s exterior windows. These illusions played with perspective, depth, and color, inviting passersby to stop and explore the visual tricks. By combining elements of the museum’s interior exhibits with the illusionary artwork, the project sparked curiosity and encouraged visitors to step inside and experience more.

Catchy, Welcoming Sign

To further attract visitors, the students designed a bold and eye-catching sign that highlighted the museum’s free admission and welcoming atmosphere. The sign featured creative typography, bright colors, and captivating visuals that represented the museum’s essence. This component emphasized the museum’s commitment to providing accessible and inclusive art experiences for all.

Project Objective

Upon completion, the “Step into Art” project is expected to increase visitor engagement and foot traffic at the DePaul Art Museum. The transformed exterior will serve as an open invitation for community members and tourists alike to explore the museum’s exhibits and discover the world of art within. Furthermore, the project will provide a valuable opportunity for the participating students to showcase their artistic skills and contribute to their local art community.


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